Friday, July 12, 2013

Adding Colour

S l o w l y but surely, I've been adding colour to our home. Granted, we did paint our walls this beautiful blue/green/grey colour in our living room (I can't for the life of me remember the name) but other than that, things were pretty neutral. Grey rug. Beige couches. Black coffee table. Nothing special. Colour has been showing itself (besides the walls in the living room) by accessories: art, pillows, mirrors, flowers, and books.
Take this mirror for example. A couple weeks ago, my youngest sister and I went thrift shopping and I found this little beauty for $5. 
I knew that I wanted it yellow as soon as I saw it. Instead of spray painting it, I grabbed a bottle of acrylic yellow paint, a foam brush and got to it. If I knew how difficult it was going to be painting all the millions of nooks and crannies with a foam brush, I would have gone out and bought a can of spray paint, but I didn't. *Sigh* It took way longer than I was expecting to paint it, but once it was finished, and hung on the wall, it was all worth it. 
As you can see, I still have the black coffee table, beige couches and grey carpet, but there is a lot more colour going on. The red bench, the yellow mirror, the banner over the fireplace, the pillows on the couch, and the globe on the bookcase. Oh, and let's not forget the bright yellow exersaucer behind the couch. :) 
Here's a side-by-side from when we just moved in, to how it is right now:
How do you add colour in your home? 

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