Tuesday, June 11, 2013

5 Best Rainy Day Activities for Toddlers

It has been raining here constantly! It feels more like April than June and my kids and I are starting to go crazy with cabin fever.

Because of this, I thought I'd post my top 5 rainy day activities that seem to work the best for toddlers and don't require huge prep or clean up.
1) Play dough. Such a classic and my girls love it. It takes about 5 minutes to make play dough from scratch and it is a 30 minute to 1 hour long activity. Can't beat that! Here is my favourite recipe.

2) Mess free finger painting. I love finger painting but hate the mess that my kids seem to make. This idea uses a ziploc bag. Genius!

3) Read books. Discover some of your books that have gotten lost in the shuffle. My girls usually pick their favourites to read and forget about the rest of them. Start reading all the other books that you have!

4) Let them help you clean. You can never start too young with kids helping you clean. Even though things take so much longer, let them help. When they're teenagers and know how to clean their rooms properly, you'll be thankful you took the time now!

5) Make a tent or fort for them. I made this tent out of a hula hoops and old curtains and it worked wonderfully for the girls!

I hope some of these ideas help! 

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  1. all great ideas - I'm a huge fan of the mess free painting, too!


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