Thursday, March 7, 2013

Toddler Busy Board

I actually have a tutorial for you today. The other day I was noticing that my youngest daughter has a thing for buckles, zippers, velcro, really anything that she can pull apart and put back together. She seemed content to play with her buckles on her highchair but I decided to make something a little more fun and portable for her. The idea is similar to a busy book, but less time consuming to make!

I grabbed some supplies from the dollar store and around the house and spent a grand total of $5. Awesome right??

To make your own for your little one you'll need:

- a canvas
- some paint and paintbrush
- a glue gun
- velcro (I got the kind that was already adhesive, not the kind you have to sew on)

The rest you can be creative with. I used, magnets, ribbon, string, a few beads, and pictures that are laminated.

I painted the canvas with three coats of acrylic paint just to make it a nicer colour. Than I decided where I wanted my items to be placed on the canvas. For some of the items (the pictures and the coin purse) I simply velcroed them to canvas. I wanted them to be removable. The string with the beads and the ribbon, I actually glued to the canvas with my glue gun. She's been playing with it for quite a while and it seems to be holding up quite well. If you have another more permanent idea, let me know!

My 3 year old loves the board too!

You can be as creative with this project as you want. I left some room on the canvas so I could add things as she gets a bit older and more hands on. You can also make it more appropriate for an older child. If you are using small items such as beads, please supervise them so they don't accidentally swallow one!

Thanks for being patient with us as we do some spring cleaning around our blog!

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  1. Love this idea! Will definitely have to do it as a project soon.

  2. Fantastic Mel!! I will be making one of these tonight!!!


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