Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{Playroom Progress} Easy Art Display

Gavin has been spending a lot of time in his playroom. He loves the chalkboard wall and drawing lines. Lots of lines. Although he has just started drawing circles. As he draws I can hear him say, "Aaaaa" as if he is starting to write the alphabet. Pretty cute. :)

When he's not drawing lines on the chalkboard wall or dumping all the chalk on the floor (fun times), he loves colouring on his Diego colouring sheets or on plain paper. As a proud mommy, I wanted to have a place to hang up his artwork. I had seen a couple of ideas floating around Pinterest, such as wire and clothespins, picture frames, and clipboards.

I headed off to the dollar store and bought three clipboards.
They would do their purpose, but they were too plain for my liking. I grabbed some scrapbooking paper and Modge Podge and got to work making them friendlier. (If it's possible for clipboards to be friendly...)

I don't have a step-by-step tutorial for you, because it is pretty self explanatory. I chose my paper, cut it to size, glued it on, and let them dry.
I am really happy how they turned out! I love the colours and the patterns. They are easy for me to interchange Gavin's many pieces of artwork. Just clip and go. 
One more project off my list. I still have plans to make a fun garland, find a rug, and make some pillows for the futon.

Slowly, but surely!


  1. looking good, Heidi! You are so crafty, even with a new little around. I'm impressed :)

  2. Aw thanks Amber! Little by little I try to do things, but definitely small projects are my cup of tea right now!


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