Monday, March 4, 2013

Let There Be Bathroom Light

Sometimes I think that our home renovations will never get finished. At least for my basement, and deck, and pretty much every part of this house. Part of the problem is that I have two toddlers and it's hard to get things done, and the other part of the problem is that my husband is rarely home to be able to do those things for me.

My bathroom has been a storage room for a year now. Kind of depressing.
It's a little frustrating but I know it's a part of life, right??

Over the weekend, we did get a few things done. We were wandering around Home Depot (love that place!!) and found a deal on bathroom wall sconces that we couldn't pass up. All the way to the checkout and home, my husband joked about how we would set the box in the unfinished bathroom and in about a year or so, he would have time to get them up. I joked along thinking to myself that it was probably more true than not.

We got home and later that afternoon, my husband surprised me by taking them out of the box and installing them for me!

No one is more surprised about this than me and I think they look fantastic!

They look a little off in this picture, but I promise they are straight!
That is one less thing on our to-do list. Here's what the rest of it looks like:

- find a mirror
- install the sink, countertop, and faucets, and hardware on the cabinet
- install the toilet
- touch up the paint on the walls
- finish putting the trim up
- install a drop ceiling and pot lights

So really, there are more things on the list than we've accomplished. But in my mind, every little bit helps!

Have you finished any little home renos lately? Tell us about them!

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