Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY Advent Calendar

I've always wanted to make an advent calendar for my girls. They're finally getting to the age where they understand Christmas so I decided this year was the perfect year.

I pinned this template for a cute little box a while ago, and this morning I got to work.

The whole process only took a few minutes. Instead of using her design, I traced the template onto some Christmas scrapbooking paper and then cut it out. I used some twine that I had to tie it all together and eventually, I'll put it on our tree when that gets put up.

Since my girls are still pretty young, I decided to do simple things for our advent. Some of the ideas that I had were having hot chocolate together, going to see the Christmas lights, watching a Christmas movie or reading a Christmas book, playing in the snow, staying up late, & having chocolates or other Christmas candies. You'll know best what appeals to your kids and what works for you!

Hope this has given you a few ideas! Check back for the rest of the week to see what other Christmas crafts we've been making :)


  1. cute!!! I have 3 advent calendars already - either purchased or given to me, but I'll tuck this idea away for next year!


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