Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Dining Table

I have been looking for a table for our dining area for 3 years now. The table that we had originally was given to us when we got married. It was a very nice table, just extremely large. The second table that we were given was even bigger but since it was free, who could argue?

Seth was not convinced that a smaller table was the way to go. It seems to be a dumping ground for everything that comes into the house and he thought that if we got a smaller table, we'd never be able to eat at it. I gave all my reasons and opinions as to why I thought it would be a better and finally he agreed!

I started looking seriously on Kijiji and last week, I finally found the one for the price I wanted.

I picked it up last Monday night and I'd have to say that I absolutely love it. Not only does it fit better in the space, it actually makes my house look cleaner!



Next on my to-do list are the chairs. The were the set that originally went with the table above. I love their shape and form. Plus they are solid wood and in good shape. But the upholstery on them is terrible! It is completely stained and outdated.  I've been running through a few ideas in my head and I'll hopefully have them finished within a few weeks.

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