Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Autumn Outdoor Decorating

With the weather being so beautiful lately, I decided to get outside and do a little more decorating. You'll remember that I created this little outdoor play area here but I wanted to spruce up the front of the house too. I saw that mums were on sale so I grabbed a few planters last night in anticipation. Mums are beautiful and easy to care for. My favourite fall flower! I picked containers that hadn't really bloomed yet since I want them to last longer. When you're picking them, look for lots of blossoms!

I took down the wreath that had been hanging on my front door since July and stripped it right back to the simple grapevine wreath underneath.

 I took a little bit of burlap and some white flowers and put them together with some wire, just adding enough to make sure they were secure.

I grabbed an extra crate (I seem to have a lot of these around!) and placed one of the pots of mums on top it to give it some height.

Now it makes me smile whenever I see it. We're excited for doing more "fall" things around here. This weekend we're planning on going apple picking and having a day to celebrate all things "pumpkin". Yum!

What have you been up to? Have you been enjoying this beautiful weather? Any apple or pumpkin picking in your future? Come share with us!

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