Monday, September 17, 2012

Lacy Winter Hat

I haven't been in a house renovation mood lately because I've been travelling back and forth quite a bit to see my husband who's working out of town. I hate starting big projects and just having them sit there making more of a mess. Sewing and crocheting or knitting allows me to be creative without all the fuss!  (although my sewing machine is making a mess on my kitchen table right now...)

Clothing stores are the best inspiration for me. I love to look at something and then be able to recreate it with my own twist. This is what I did with Bella's hat for winter.

I was walking through H&M which is one of my favourite stores and I saw the cutest little beret with lace detail and a cute little bow on it. They were selling it for $20 which is a little much for me if you figure how much the yarn actually costs to make it.

I couldn't find a pattern for a beret that I like so I used this pattern here. I love how it turned out and thankfully she loves it too. She's such a fashionista that sometimes I just don't know if she'll love it or hate it. And yes... she's only two.

I just have to pick a colour of yarn for Sienna's hat now.

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