Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Bathroom Vanity

On the quest to make my bathroom a much nicer place to be, I have been pouring over the pictures on of all the gorgeous bathrooms. Some of the bathrooms are bigger than my bedroom - I'm not even kidding!

Since I can't change the square footage of the room, I've been trying to focus to the things that I can change. The vanity is on my current list of things that I am trying to accomplish.

I found a wonderful tutorial from this website about how to stain my cabinets espresso. I was a little intimidated to start but now that I'm near the finish line, I'm so excited! I'm at the "waiting for it to dry" stage and it's almost killing me.

Hopefully I'll get the last two coats of polyurethane on before the weekend so that I can find some gorgeous new hardware to put on it. Thankfully the weather has been so wonderful that everything is drying so much faster than it says it should! 

If everything turns out right (fingers crossed!) I'll have some pictures for you by Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!

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