Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Canada Day Fireworks Craft

So we're doing something different around here for today. I'm posting for Heidi today since her internet hasn't been working, and she'll post for me tomorrow.

This weekend, we get a three day weekend in honour of Canada Day. Both of my girls are still a little young to understand what that means, but I thought it would still be fun to do a few crafts with them.

The first one is very easy to do, and chances are you've done it before. Grab some crayons and a white piece of paper. Scribble all over the white paper with the coloured crayons. It's not important to make any designs, just make sure that all of the white is covered. Then colour over that with the black crayon. Make sure you can't see any of the colours. Then using a sharp object (a lot of people suggest using a popsicle stick but I used a knitting needle.. mostly because I couldn't find my popsicle sticks) carve out some firework images.

Bella loved spending time colouring together. It's a great craft to do together!

These websites also have a few more ideas that you can do to celebrate our nation's birthday:

How do you celebrate Canada Day or Independence Day? 
Any good ideas or traditions? 
Let's chat!

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