Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{Summer} Mantel Display

Now that Victoria Day has passed, it is officially summer! (If you want to get really technical, summer actually begins at the end of June. But I don't want to get technical.)

It's time for me to break out the seashells and beach glass! As you know, I love switching up my fireplace mantel for the different seasons and holidays. I try not to buy anything new. First of all, there isn't really the funds to be able to just run out and buy something new at HomeSense and secondly, I can shop around my own house (for free) and still put something together that looks fresh. 
 My one thing that is consistent throughout all of my mantel vignettes, is my apothecary jar that I bought at Winners years ago. I love it! I just fill it with whatever goes with the season. For this summer it is beach glass (probably from Winners), two starfish (from Chapters) and random seashells. Stacked on a pile of books leftover from my spring mantel, it's a nice showpiece. 
I poured sand into a clean mason jar and placed a tea light on top. Seashells were put into the tall cylinder vase at the back. I love this verse from Ecclesiates and thought it was perfect for this summer season. With all the flowers blooming and trees sprouting their bright green leaves, it is clear that after a long winter, God has made everything beautiful.

If you don't have a fireplace mantel, look for something else around your home where you could set up seasonal vignettes. It's always nice to give a fresh look to a place in your home. 

To check out some of my past mantel vignettes, just click on the pictures below to see other ideas. 

                                        {Fall}                                   {Christmas}

                                 {Valentine's Day}                          {Spring} 

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I googled the word "mantel" to see how it was spelled, and there are two ways. "Mantel" or "Mantle". Weird. So, I went the "mantel" way on this post. Confusing. 

How do you spell it? "Mantel"? or "Mantle"?


  1. LOVE this display... I think I might need to spice mine up, even though I just did it for spring.

    I guess I spell it mantle... never even thought about it being spelled differently! :)

  2. So pretty!!! Makes me want to go right to the beach!!

  3. love the name of your site! found you via the blog hop xo


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