Friday, May 25, 2012

Label Those Canisters

Our younger sister is getting married in only 2 short weeks! And in honour of her, we are having a bridal shower this weekend. I was cruising around Pinterest looking for some ideas for gifts, and decided to check out her boards of ideas since she is an avid "pinner" as well! 

Since she will be moving into a new house with her soon-to-be-husband after the wedding, she has found lots of cute things that I am sure she would love to have in her home. One idea she pinned was this one here:


Even though this idea is awesome, the process is a bit complicated and I would just end up keeping the jars myself... because they are so pretty!

 So! Instead, I decided to use a similar idea that would get the job done; chalkboard labels on glass canisters to store your baking ingredients. Genius. And who knew that Martha Stewart has already spray painted little labels with chalkboard paint, so all I have to do is peel them and stick them on the jars? She is so crafty!

Here is the step by step process:

1. Buy jars. You can buy any size jar or canister you would like, I choose to buy all one size.

2. Buy labels. I bought the Martha Stewart brand from Avery (as you can see), and they are pre-painted with chalkboard paint. Of course you can buy regular labels and spray paint them yourself.

3. Stick the labels on the jar... and label them with chalk. 

Done and done! Now all you have to do is fill the jars with the different kinds of baking ingredients you have, and you are set to go! 

I know our sister is going to love having all of her baking supplies in pretty canisters! I know I would... 

Happy Friday everyone, and happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone who is reading from the states! 


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  1. Those are so cute and easy...I think I will have to try and make them!

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