Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Explanation and a Sneak Peek

Sorry to leave you hanging the other day. Maybe you didn't even realize that I wasn't back on Saturday like I had said I was going to. All the women in my extended family (and Gavin) got together on Saturday to celebrate my Oma's birthday.
We went to this really nice tea room and drank tea, ate tiny sandwiches and scones. Y-u-m-m-y!
{All photo credit is to my Aunt Dorothy!}

It was a really nice afternoon together. I don't think we have done that ever! Hopefully it won't be the last time. 

My sisters and I then packed up the kids and went shopping for something to wear for my other sister's upcoming wedding.

We ended the afternoon of shopping at a restaurant for supper. 
We were the table right at the front of the restaurant so it seemed like everyone was watching us; not only because we have the cutest children ever...okay...maybe that was the reason. :) 

And THAT is why I didn't show you my painted dresser on Saturday.

Here is a sneak peek though. I will give you the full picture later. I want to prep and clean and decorate a little before you get the full view. 
Let me tell you this though, I'm loving it! The colour (which isn't a good representation here) is gorgeous. Cheerful. Friendly. Perfect for a creative space. 

Okay. For real. If you come back in a few days, I'll show you the full space. I'm pretty excited about all the drawers because I have a lot of crafty paraphernalia to go in those drawers. 

See you then! 


  1. ooooh what a fun time celebrating your Oma's birthday - I love a good tea party, but I'm even MORE in love with the color of that dresser. GORGEOUS!

    1. Haha - Thanks Amber! I'm loving this colour too. I had originally bought it for something in Gavin's room, but never got around to using it. I don't even remember what the colour is actually called!


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