Monday, April 30, 2012

Easy {DIY} Terrarium

I always thought that terrariums were for school science projects. I never thought that they could be beautiful until I started seeing them everywhere. You can put little houses in them, have flowers or succulents or whatever you want to do with them. There are no rules! So on that basis, I decided to grab some supplies from around the house and set to work.

I had a fish bowl that I had bought from Walmart a few years ago. It had been sitting on a shelf since I never seemed to know what to do with it. I grabbed my trowel and went outside to my front garden where I have a lot of succulents growing. I put three succulents in it, because things always look more balanced in odd numbers.

I also grabbed some river stones that I had bought from the dollar store in one of those shopping trips where you just pick things up because you never know, right?

The total cost of my project was $0. I love it when I can make something beautiful from things around the house. Now if I can keep my girls from trying to touch it, I'll consider it a success!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Did you finish/start any great projects? We'd love to hear about them!

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1 comment:

  1. Your terrarium looks gorgeous and the fact that it cost nothing to make is the cherry on top! I may just have to relocate some chickens and hens . . .


    P.S. I love your blog background - it's so fun :)


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