Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just Hanging Around

Say you like to scrapbook (like me), and you are currently scrapbooking your son's baby book (like I am). 

You have a couple pages done (like I do), but you haven't bought an album yet (like I haven't). What do you, I do with those pages that are waiting to go in an album?

 I have a solution that's easy and cheap (my favourite). 

I grabbed a frame in which the glass was broken and spray painted (what else?) it white. 

While it dried, I hammered a nail into the wall, took a large paper clip thing (so technical) and hung it on the nail. 

Once the frame was dry, I simply hung it up over the nail and voila! A simple way to display and keep those pages that don't have a home quite yet. 

It adds some colour to the walls and is an easy way to change up the art quickly!


  1. such a cute idea and easy way to feel good about what you have done and change it up as you get more done!

  2. They are called binder clips! :) hehe

  3. What a great idea.

    Mommy Sauri~


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