Monday, February 20, 2012

The Big Celebration

Planning parties can be a lot of fun. Especially if it's for people you know really well who don't care if there are streak marks on your bathroom mirror or if you didn't have time to dry all your dishes so they're sitting on your counter "air drying".

I had been pinning a few ideas for Bella's party for months now. I always drool over the perfectly executed parties that can be found online. The ones where the lighting is just right and everyone is happy, and the weather is perfect. I knew that this party wasn't going to be like that, especially since garden parties in February in Canada don't work so well, but it would be perfect for my little girl. 

I don't have any stunning tutorials for you, but I do have some pictures of how it turned out from both the tea party and our main family party which was animal themed (somewhat). 

So without further ado, our animal themed party. 

Yes, it's a lion. Please don't make fun :)
All in all, I would say the party was a success. All the food got eaten, including our lion cake which I found the directions to from here.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Here in Canada, we have a nice little holiday called "Family Day" so our weekend is actually extended for one more day. Yay! 


  1. That lion cake is ADORABLE!! Stopping over via the blog hop! So nice to meet you! New follower :)


    1. Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I was a little worried that my daughter wouldn't know what it was, but thankfully she recognized it. I'm off to check out your blog!

  2. The party turned out fantastic, Melody, and Happy Birthday to Bella!! 2 - now the fun really begins and they become crazy little chatter boxes!

    I love party planning too, even if it's not overly fancy, it's fun and it takes a lot of love.

    I'm slightly bummed that my little lady wants to take a trip to an amusement park for her 4th instead of have a party! But, it is HER day after all.

    1. I'm glad you like it :) It was a lot of fun and thankfully, not too much work either! Amusements parks are so much fun! I can't wait until my girls are old enough that I have an excuse to take them. Maybe you could plan a small family party at home and then you'd get the best of both worlds.

  3. Ladies!!

    Thank you so much for participating in the blog hop. Wishing you all the best in your bloggy endeavors. Cheers!



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