Friday, December 9, 2011

Homemade Baby Wipes

Last weekend I was talking with my sister-in-law about all things baby, as per usual, and we got on the topic of baby wipes. She said that she has been making her own wipes for a while now and mentioned that they are very cost-effective. So I started looking around Pinterest for "recipes" to make my own baby wipes, and I came across this great tutorial. 

So I gathered my supplies, Wal-Mart for the containers, No Frills for the paper towels (with a coupon, score!), the baby oil and body wash I had on hand already. Overall, I spent around $13 for everything. 

Because I will end up cutting the paper towels in half, I purchased two containers to store them in. One to use through the week, and one to have prepped before I have a "my baby pooped everywhere" situation and I am left empty handed... gross. 

First I cut the paper towels in half. 

Second I boiled two cups of water, and let it cool to room temperature, then added it to the container along with 2 Tbsp. baby shampoo, and 1 Tbsp. baby oil. 

After closing the lid, I turned the container upside down for about ten minutes so the paper towels could absorb the moisture. Once the water was all soaked up, I slowly removed the cardboard tube from the centre of the roll (It came out really easily because of how moist it was). Once the tube was gone, I was able to pull the sheet out of the centre to start the wipes. 

I am very excited to start using these wipes, and start saving some money by not purchasing pre-made baby wipes! Have you found any alternatives on Pinterest that you can make at home compared to store-bought products? I am always amazed at the different ideas I see (and pin) on there! 

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  1. This gives me a good idea. I like the idea of cleaning wipes for the bathroom and car but I don't like the chemicals in most of the brands. (Lysol, Mr. Clean etc) I think I could do something like this with dish detergent and maybe an essential oil for a household wipe or for the car. Great idea.


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