Monday, December 12, 2011

Dollar Store Christmas

I love the dollar store. It is a wonderful place full of magic and cheapness. The other day, I was wandering down the aisles when I found a large candlestick holder and a votive holder. Score! I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it. I love apothecary jars but I've never found the "perfect one". I gathered my supplies and in 15 minutes, made my own. Here's what you'll need:

- a large candlestick holder
- a votive holder about the same size (put them on top of each other to see if it will work before you take it out of the store!)
- heavy duty glass glue (I used "Quick Grip" which is awesome.. just don't put it on anything that you don't want to glue!)

Apply your glue to the candlestick only, and press the votive holder on top. Let it sit for the recommended amount of time. Add cranberries or greenery and a nice candle to it and you're finished!

That's a quick craft that doesn't even take up a whole nap time! The nice thing about this craft is that it's not just for Christmas. Use it throughout the year! And when you're done with the cranberries, put them on a string to hang as garland on your Christmas tree. That's what I'm planning on doing. It seems like it will be tedious - I'll let you know.

On a completely different note, our basement renovations are going well. We picked out our tile and it is beautiful AND was a great price. We're waiting to hear back from the insurance company so that we can get it done. Hopefully it will be! I'll make sure to post pictures when we're finished.

Today is a very special day because we will be having TWO posts. You'll get a tour of Heidi's house tonight as she links up to the house party for The Inspired Room. Check it out and see all of the beautiful spaces all over blogland!

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  1. Just make sure you use a thimble when stringing those cranberries :) What a great craft. . .thanks for sharing.

  2. @jennibell I will definitely remember to use the thimble! Thanks for the advice.. I'm assuming you speak from experience?

  3. Found you through Tip Junkie's Tip me Tuesday - what a cool project!! I'm hitting up the Dollar Store this week and can't wait to try!!

  4. thanks! good luck in your shopping!


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