Saturday, November 26, 2011


  You've already seen Faith's beautiful table that her husband built her and now to continue our unofficial 'tablepalooza',  I'm going to show you my almost finished table. (I was hoping to have it set up looking all beautiful in my dining room, but the weather hasn't been very cooperative. We experienced some colder temperatures during the middle of the week and the stain didn't dry all the way so I couldn't finish it.)

 Last week I showed you some some inspiration pins that sealed the deal on my love of pedestal tables. I have been looking around on Kijiji for a long time keeping my eyes open for a good price on a table. One finally caught my eye! They were selling it for $100, three leaves, already stripped, chairs not included. We negotiated down to $85 and brought it home, where it sat in the carport for weeks until I could get to it. 

 I raided my dad's shop for some extra stain (thanks Dad!) and finally found a free day to work on the table in Faith's garage. 

 It probably wasn't the best day to stain, since it was the day of our very first snowfall, but I bundled up in my winter jacket, turned on the space heater, and got at it. 

Even though the table was already stripped, I gave it a light sanding before I started staining. 

(I'm a super fast sander. Look at me go!)

  Once I had sanded everything down, I cleaned it off with a clean rag to make sure it was dust free. 

 I grabbed the stain that I decided to use...

...put on gloves, and started staining. This was my first time staining anything, but it was pretty simple. 

 The directions suggested using a brush or a rag to apply the stain, so I used a rag, since that's what I Faith had on hand. 

There are no action shots of me staining the table, but this is the middle result. (Still had a couple more coats after this picture)

Reaction?? I love it!! Even with it not being all the way completed, it looks so good! I'm very happy how it turned out. 

 The leaves look different from the table, but that's usually how it is because the table is used everyday where the leaves are stored away so there will be that colour difference. 

Can't wait to show you the end results! 

 Have a happy weekend! 


  1. I love pedestal tables. I like anything on a pedestal. It has the attitude like "ooh look at me sittin' up here on my pedestal" It looks great!

  2. I came over for the holiday link up party, but I'm a total sucker for a beautiful piece of furniture. Judging from the pics on the holiday post, the finished product is totally drool worthy. Great job!!!


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