Saturday, November 5, 2011

Easy Peasy Leaf Art

I love fall. 

Lately, we've had a couple of beautiful days here. Considering that it is November and it's snowing in Calgary, these +7 temperatures are a real treat! 

  Yesterday, I texted Faith and asked if she and Claire wanted to go on a walk with me and Gavin. Since having our babies in May and June, we have been on a lot of walks around my neighbourhood. However, since September started and I went back to work part-time, these walks have been few and far between. Yesterday though, was the perfect fall day to get our walk on.

 We bundled up our little cuties in their warm outfits... 

...and with Halloween candy in our pockets (don't judge us), we set off! 

  I love walking around my neighbourhood. We live in an older part of town, so there are old regal houses with lots of stately maple trees surrounding these properties. 

  These maple trees are gorgeous right now in all their beautiful colours. We picked up a few leaves that we couldn't resist walking by and stuck them in our strollers. 

  When I got home, I remembered a craft that I pinned a long time ago that would be perfect for these leaves. 


  This I could do. I grabbed my leaves out of the stroller,

and found a frame that I wasn't using. 

  I cut a page out of an old book, glued the leaf down to the page, stuck it in the frame, and voila! 

A beautiful piece of God's creation, framed, so that I can enjoy it for this last month of fall. 

  Have you done any leaf art? Taken pictures in the leaves? Anybody rake their leaves yet? Hands-down, that is my least favourite part of fall.

I'll leave you with one more picture of cousinly love. :) 

Happy weekend everyone!
~ Heidi 


  1. That is really cool! It looks super easy and the end result is classy, I think I may have to try it! Thank you.

  2. BTW, Chris said that if I buy some silica gel, bake the leaf in the gel, it will retain it's colour but make it translucent, so that the book page could be seen through the leaf. yes, chris said this heidi!

  3. I'm loving your blog -- good job with it! The leaf art is perfect and simple. . .and your little ones really are adorable :) Good luck -- hope your blog keeps growing!

  4. Thanks so much Jennibell! Glad that you are enjoying it :)


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