Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{DIY} Nativity Set

There is nothing better for a child then setting up the Nativity set and placing all the animals, shepherds, and of course baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. My mom bought small Nativity scenes for all of us kids (that is eight in total) when we were younger. 
This little Nativity set has traveled with me all the way to Bible college. I love it. 

However, it's too small for Gavin to play with, so I wanted to buy him a child-friendly set. 

They are hard to find! I found a really cute one by Fisher Price, but they are apparently unavailable in Canada. Boo. 

Then I saw a picture on Pinterest that got me thinking about making a Nativity set for him and his future siblings. 

So I did! 
I had my lovely husband cut a two-by-four into different sizes of blocks. 

I printed most of the pictures from this blog. I love them! 

I sanded all the blocks to make sure there were no sharp edges. It took a.long.time. After I finished, Jesse asked why I didn't use the electric sander that he bought me a couple years ago...That would have been a wise idea...

Once everything was sanded, I modge podged the pictures onto the blocks of wood. I let everything dry and then set it up the next day for Gavin to discover! 
His favourite part is the animals and the baby...and throwing the blocks. He's still learning. 
I love that Gavin has a Nativity set so that we can talk about baby Jesus and the Christmas story. 

Because we had the wood already, I also love that it was free. :) 

Do you have a family favourite Nativity set that your children love setting up? 

This is the last week of a three-week series that we are doing to help you get ready for Christmas...before December!

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  1. Love this!!!! Where did you find the three kings clip art?

    1. I'm so glad that you like it! The three kinds were the tricky pictures to find. All I did was open up Microsoft Word and typed in "wise men" in the clip art section. It was the second picture listed and I just cut them out separately. I did the same for the star and one of the sheep. Hope you have fun making your own set!

  2. This is SUCH a great idea for a kid-friendly nativity set. And the illustrations are so freakin' cute! Love.

    1. Thanks Sarah! I love the illustrations too. I'm so glad I stumbled across that website!

  3. Love these!! What a great idea!!

  4. That's an amazing idea! And your drawing makes them looks so delight and lively :-) Cool, thumbs up for a great artist :-) thank you for the inspiration and have a great day!

  5. How adorable is this? Your little guy must LOVE it! Found you through Live, Laugh, Rowe. New follower! (P.S. Love your blog design!)

    1. He really does love it! He loves grabbing the block with baby Jesus and says, "oooo!!". Thanks for following along!

  6. What sizes did you cut the various blocks? I would love to make these next year when I'll have a brand new nephew to gift them to.

    1. I didn't have a real measuring technique when Jesse cut the blocks. We just measured the pictures and then marked the wood where to cut. They would be a perfect gift!


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